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Age Range

6 Years +


15 minutes

Age Range

1 credit

Which way will you turn?!

Discover our low-level hedge maze where a combination of trees and fences set you a proper challenge to conquer!

A number of questions and clues are scattered around the maze...but will you succeed and make it to the central viewing platform??

Planted in spring 2015, the maze took over 3 months to design, create and plant. The beech trees will take quie some time to reach maturity but the majority of the hedge walls are approx 6 ft high

Activity Details

Under 10s need adult supervision

The Maze opens at 10.30am and last entry is at 4.30pm

Access - Due to gravel pathways it can be difficult to get a wheelchair or buggy around the maze

The Maze is an all-weather attraction

Maze Stats

Tree type - Beech

Quantity - Approximately 5,500 trees

Size - 72m x 40m  (2,880 m2)

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