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Age Range

3 Years +


15 minutes

Age Range

1 credit

The Heatherton Hedge parents peace and quiet since 2015! 😂

But in all seriousness, our 'a-maze-ing' Heatherton Hedge Maze is great fun for all the family, where a combination of trees and fences set you a proper challenge to conquer!

A number of questions and clues are scattered around the maze...but will you succeed in making it to the central viewing platform? Or will we be coming in to find you at closing time!!

Planted in spring 2015, the maze took over 3 months for the team to design, create and plant.

Activity Details

Children under 10 years need adult supervision.

The Maze opens at 10.30am and last entry is at 4.30pm.

Due to the gravel pathways it can be difficult to get a wheelchair or buggy around the maze.

Maze Stats

Tree type - Beech

Quantity - Approximately 5,500 trees

Size - 72m x 40m  (2,880 m2)

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